for each selected team!


Gaming & Business Professionals
from Netmarble and StartersHub!




Based in Istanbul, Gamer's Qube is an advanced accelerator program for mobile game developers led by worlds 3rd biggest gaming company Netmarble EMEA and leading technology seed fund StartersHub.

Training & Workshop

You will be trained by the mobile gaming & business pioneers from Netmarble and StartersHub!


Access to over 50 mentors through our vast network in Turkey and EMEA Region

Multistage Funding

Gamer's Qube enables multi-stage funding & co-investing by Netmarble and StartersHub.

Publisher Ready

All ready to go? Your games are ready to be published by one of the top publishers in the world, Netmarble!


We believe in the combination of startup agility and corporate power. We look for the best combination for your startup.


Providing a wide range of mentors that can help with every aspect of your project.


We'll watch together as your start-up yield great and measurable results.


You will find yourself working in a true partnership with professionals from Gaming Industry.


Barış Özistek

Chairman, Netmarble EMEA

Seyit Özgür

IT Director, Netmarble EMEA

Ekin Borteçin

Art Director, Netmarble EMEA

Can Altunöz

Senior IT Operations Manager, Netmarble EMEA

Mete Güner

Product Manager, Netmarble EMEA

Fatmagül Keleş

Digital Marketing and Monetizion Manager, Netmarble EMEA

The Team

Our dedicated team will be guiding and helping you throughout your quest.


Ezgi Temir

Program Manager, Netmarble EMEA

Aslı Karabulut

Marketing Manager, Netmarble EMEA

Eraycan Safa

COO, StartersHub

Ceri Cukran

Business Development, StartersHub
What is Gamer's Qube?
Application Criteria
Selection Process
Game Investment
Coming to Program
  • What does Gamer's Qube do? 

Gamer's Qube is a global startup accelerator program that focuses on mobile game studios and start-ups.


  • What does the program involve?

The program is a6 months long and provides mentoring for your team to improve their mobile game quality skills by over 50 top industry mentors, weekly practices, playtesting, QA tests and at the end of the program, you'll be able to publish your games through one of the world's top publishers, Netmarble. 


  • What is an accelerator, what are you accelerating?

It’s our goal to develop your studio’s skills and solve more problems through our 6 months long program than you would do by yourself in a year or more. We will give you access to resources that you might never be able to get by yourselves.


  • What’s all this about a Mentoring program?

The mentoring is led by Netmarble and our pool of more than 50 experts drawn from the games industry and covers all aspects of game development including but not limited to: user acquisition, monetization, UI design, launch marketing, technical optimization and business models.


  • Do I have to move Turkey permanently to join  Gamer's Qube?

No, not permanently but you'll need to live and work in the program’s location for the program's period. 

  • What do I need to Apply?

You need a team of at least two people (more is preferable), a game in development that is at least at the playable stage, and a desire to build a business, not a hobby. Ideas won’t be enough to apply. 

  • We’ve released games but we don’t have one in development, can I still apply?

Yes, this is what we mostly prefer. As this is an advanced acceleration program, you'll get the most benefit if you have a playable version of the game. There are lots of ways that we can help you to get the most out of your mobile games and prepare an effective growth plan for the future.

  • I just released a game, got lots of downloads and users but not making any money from it, can I apply?

YES. We can absolutely help you by giving you actionable advice on how to better monetize your games and how to plan better monetization for future releases.

  • We are a team, but we don’t have a company. How much of a problem is this?

NONE. We will help you form a legal company entity and help you formulate your business plans. You do need to be committed to making this a proper business.

  • Do you prefer some kinds of games, like Mobile, PC, Social, VR etc.?

We are interested in Mobile Games only. We are most interested in studios who know how to create original IP and characters. 

  • Ok Great! How do I apply?

There are two big friendly orange buttons that say “Apply”. Click on that, fill out the form and upload your .Apk & .ipa files. Once you are done with the form, hit submit and wait for us to get in touch! If you need any assistance, you can always contact The Team members.

  • How many companies get into program?

We take up to 5 studios for program.

  • My team is based really far away from your program, should we even apply?

YES. Since this is a global program we are expecting team from all around the world. Don’t let geography get in your way!

  • How do you select the teams?

We have a meticulous process that takes about a month from the deadline, depending on number of applications, to select the teams. We use a panel of experts drawn from our pool of mentors to evaluate the applications and select the bests for the program.

  • I want to know the status of my application, can you tell me?

Our selection process has a number of stages. We will do our best to keep you updated on the status of your application.

  • I don’t speak good English, should I still apply?

YES. While the program is in English, you should still consider applying.  

  • I’m having difficulty describing my game in the Application Form, is that the only criteria you base your decision on?

We base our decisions on a combination of your team members’ track record, your ability to communicate, previous and current game quality, and any other information that you can provide.

  • How much Investment will Gamer’s Qube give us?

We invest $70.000 per team, totaling $350.000 for whole program (5 teams). This money is more than enough to get your team through the program and release it though Netmarble Accounts.  The most important investment comes in the form of mentors, knowledge and contacts to publishers and investors.

  • How much Equity do you take?

We take a dilutable 10% stake of your company.

  • How and when will we get this investment? 

It is a four-step progress.
As explained before 5 teams will be selected at Selection Day. Here each team will get $20.000 investment from StartersHub for their 5% share. After getting greenlight from Netmarble EMEA's QA team, teams will get $30.000 for another 5% share. (Totalling 10%) At last, when the teams achieve their defined KPIs, they will get another $20.000 investment from Netmarble EMEA. 

  • Do you put someone on our Board of Directors?

No. We act as advisors through the program and afterwards. You are still in full control of your company.

  • Is there a contract involved?

Yes. We agree an Investor Agreement before the program begins. It contains the typical rights of such an agreement and protects us both from any misunderstandings.

  • What happens when we arrive?

We will provide you with a “starter pack” that will help you to get settled. The starter pack includes a few goodies plus information our location, transportation, accommodation, best places for eating, working out, leisure and everything else you need to know to feel comfortable in a new environment.

  • How do we establish a company?

We will provide services that will make that very easy and will assist you through the entire process.

  • How do we find accommodation?

If you need some help with accommodation, let us know in advance. We can recommend you some options and help you when needed.

  • Is it safe to come out there?

Of course! However, we will provide information to help you feel more settled and to avoid any potential problems.

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